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About Me

I have been stressing about this page of my website. How do I describe who I am? I don't know. To me this is a really hard thing to do. Vocal expression about myself, WOW, I go blank. I think I would be much more comfortable expressing my self with my camera. I love to capture photographs. I love to capture the shot that makes people say, "oh yea, that is so me". I love to have people look at themselves , even on the small Lcd screen, and ouh and auh, about how I visioned them in my camera.

I am a photography techy, too. I love seeing, learning and using the newest and greatest equipment. I am always wanting to try something new and different with people.

I think that might be why I got started with photography. I just thought cameras were cool. I never thought of my self as the creative artist type. But, here I am, and I love what I do. I love taking pictures. I love taking those pictures and turning them into art. I love meeting new people. I love to make my clients happy. I work very hard to do that.

Ok, so I think I'm babbling now, but, I can't leave without saying I love my 2 children , too. They have been a huge impact in my photography. It all started with being the best models a photographer could ever ask for and they have grown into being my best supporters. I love them.



Thanks for taking the time to read this and to view my website.

Stop by sometime and visit me at my studio in Old Town Lewisville.

112 W. Main St. Lewisville, TX 75057


Robert Payne